De Rosa Cinquanta

De Rosa Cinquanta.


Made to celebrate De Rosa's 50 years anniversary in 2003.


Setup with Conti GP4000 tyres. Original unused tyres like the last picture will follow.

Size 54cm cc-ct.


Only been out for 20km. ride.


25000,00 DKR.




To make our first all-carbon frame we were inspired by the King and by its modularity concept which enables us to produce real tailor-made frames. We worked hard to create a steering coupling made entirely of composite fibre and to guarantee the perfect operation of the mechanisms built into the steering. We succeeded thanks to our experience and to the technology at our disposal. In this way we achieved our set goal, that is a full carbon frame that is modular like the King and weighs only 1050 grams, not including the fork.

Often “celebrative” bikes end up being more collectors’ items than mechanical means for using in earnest. The “Cinquanta”, created to celebrate our golden wedding with the bicycle, is instead a highly special racing frame to all effects. Following the path of active modularity, on which we embarked with the King, and working with carbon fibre to obtain a steering configuration with built-in mechanisms, we obtained an all-composite frame. Although it is composed of various segments, it possesses the rigidity of a monocoque, with in addition high riding comfort.



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